Hotels in Seaside, Oregon

Looking for a nice place to stay in Seaside that’s affordable? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have compiled a list of the best hotels around Seaside so you can have easy access to hotels, inns, and bed & breakfasts wherever you go.

We know how difficult it can be to find a great hotel at a low cost, that’s why we put in the extra leg work to connect you with a place to stay in Oregon that fits your budget and time-frame. Take a look our list below and get started!

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Gearhart by the Sea
(503) 738-8331
1157 N Marion Ave
Seaside, OR 97138
Inn of the Four Winds
(503) 738-9524
820 N Prom
Seaside, OR 97138
River Inn at Seaside
(503) 717-5744
531 Ave A
Seaside, OR 97138
Ashore Hotel
(503) 568-7506
125 Oceanway St
Seaside, OR 97138
Comfort Inn & Suites By Seaside Convention Center/Boardwalk
(503) 738-3011
545 Broadway Ave
Seaside, OR 97138
Sandy Cove Inn
(971) 320-4081
241 Avenue U
Seaside, OR 97138
Inn At the Prom
(800) 507-2714
341 S Prom
Seaside, OR 97138
Best Western Ocean View Resort
(503) 738-3334
414 N Prom
Seaside, OR 97138
Ebb Tide Oceanfront Inn
(503) 738-8371
300 N Prom
Seaside, OR 97138
Hi Tide Oceanfront Inn
(503) 738-8414
30 Avenue G
Seaside, OR 97138
Rivertide Suites Hotel
(503) 717-1100
102 N Holladay
Seaside, OR 97138

Seaside Hotels


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